Letters followed by a single apostrophe (‘) indicate letters originally written with a diacritic. I’ve chosen to follow this format so 1) random question marks and other characters don’t show up your screen and 2) although, for example, writing “aa” for a long “a”, “sh” for an “s” with a diacritic, “kj” for a “k” with a diacritic, might be easier to read, it takes up more space. Like this explanation.

These works (in their original and translated forms) are not intended for publishing. Latvian language texts are the authors’ originals, for which I take zero credit. The translated texts are my originals, for which I take complete credit. Please do not reproduce, print, or otherwise use the translations without my permission, written or otherwise.

That said, enjoy.

Simt jaunu domu dod viens mirklis.\Rainis\